Zeer oude afbeelding van Moeder Aarde, met 8-puntige ster

The Morgingstar

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The Eveningstar




Venus is the morning star and the evening star: because it can be observed more clearly and longer than any other star, she could serve as guide, as point of orentation, for the Essenes on their travel through the desert, the first star to be seen when the Moon shines, and the last star to remain visible when the Sun starts shining; Venus also has to do with traditions about their own origins: according to certain Essene traditions the Essenes came from Venus. In the Book: "Le Memoire d'Essenien, L'autre visage de Jesus" the following can be found on this subject:  (p.18) "Look very well at that star behind me: it is one of the symbols of our people" (p.32): "Look," he said, "that is the big morningstar, we call her 'Moon-Sun' or 'Ishtar' (Venus). To our people she stands for Mysterie and Light. Remember well her name, Simon, that will be of use to you. An old legend tells that we owe much to her shining light. Just look, how she shines, like no other, in the sky" (p.21): "Look," she whispered into my ear pointing at one of the adobe walls. A few steps away I discovered a little hollow in a wall, slightly hidden behind a bush. It looked like the sun on a shard, on which the 'star of Zerah' as I called it, was engraved.



From an Encyclopedia: Octagram, The Octagon

Octagon, the Eight pointed star, the Octagram: in symbolism they are all related to each other.

From a handbook on symbolism:

The meaning of the octagram: it is the expression of the "Law of Cause and Effect". Those two are inextricably tied together: "What ye sow, ye shall reap" (compare with Karma / Wheel of life). That makes the number 8 the number of fate, destiny and justice. Transformative qualities are: resurrection, immortality and prosperity.

In "The Tomb of God" the following can be read on p.69:

"The eight-pointed symbol before our eyes - deducted from two squares, superimposed on each other - was already used by the Rosycrucians in the seventeenth century as a symbol for the eight points of a geometrical Universe, that was guarded by eight Angels". 

In "Edgar Cayce on Jesus and his church", p.134/135 the following can be read about the Law of Cause and Effect":

... "Through the varying activities He overcame the world through the experiences, bearing the cross in each and every experience, reaching the final cross with all power, all knowledge in having overcome the world, and of himself accepted the cross. Hence doing away with that often called karma, that must be met by all. The immutable Law of Cause and Effect is, as evidence in the world today, in the material, the mental and the spiritual world; but he - in overcoming the world, the Law - became the Law. The Law, then, becomes as the schoolmaster, or the school of training, and we who have named the Name then, are no longer under the Law as Law, but under Mercy as in Him; for in Him - and with the desires - may there be the coordination of all things."

... "Then, as each soul builds for that it, as a soul, is to act, whether in mind or body, the soul mind is already in the throes of the influences necessary. Then when we comprehend, we realize there is no time, no space, and that the divinity of the man, Jesus, was perfect in his activity in the earth, for it was offered even from the first." ...




According to the Sākhya-philosophy:

Ether or, in Sanskrit language: Akaa (= aum or, again in Sanskrit: o), is the point from which all material manifestations originate: viṣṇu-pādāya, from the Lotus feet of Vishnu. Everything is there from the Beginning and it all belongs to Krishna! Therefore in fact everything is Spiritual for Krishna is Spiritual; Krishna is not material as we explained earlier. Krishna provided everything for the Living Beings so that they are able to serve him nicely. For serving is their position. Matter is only for those who do not want to serve Krishna as they are playing Krishna, the Allmighty God, themselves. This is immitating Krishna and is equal to committing spiritual suicide. For they are serving their own material senses. This is called Māyā or illusion. For them the material manifests itself through ether. Through intelligence the immaterial becomes manifest.  


In chapter VII: 4 of the Bhagavad-gītā, Lord Krishna says:

“Earth, water, fire, air, ether, spirit, intelligence and fals ego - together these eight are my separated gros and subtle energies.”  


= the immaterial - spiritual    


= the Cross of Creation (from the former)

= the material - matter: incarnation


= the Christ-cross (Xrèstos): Salvation (from the former)

Together the two form: an Eight-Pointed Star!

...The spiritual essence of the Octaëder is the Cross, which also has eight points...

The symbol of our Community of Peace:

All those symbols can be found in the symbol of our community: in the middle the Circle of Infinity, with inside the cross of creation, plus around it the Padma (the Lotus, symbol of Creation from the All, the Brahman) and behind that, in perspective, the eventual fulfillment in the "Union Jack" of the star, with hidden in it the crosses of the Spiritual New Israel.


"Green Man" from Rosslyn Chapel



From: "Astrology in Cosmic Perspective", p. 28 Numerology: As counterpart of the 7, which indicates mastership and balance on the Earthly plain, the 8 indicates the rhythm and balance of Eternity. Here the adept gets him- or herself in tune with Spiritual Law and will live according to that for all the rest of his or her life. The higher law prevails, in heaven as on earth. The  8  means authority, and brings leadership and divine rule.



From the Apeldoornse Courant: (2-10-2000)

Hawking: mankind will die out

London (AP) - Stephen Hawking, probably the world's most well-known physicist, is afraid mankind will die out in the course of the new millennium.

The 58-year old paralytic scientist is worried about the heating up of the earth's athmosphere. "I am afraid the athmosphere gets hotter and hotter all the time, until finally earth becomes a sort of Venus, with an athmosphere of boiling sulphuric acid." The only way to save mankind from this doom-scenario would be colonizing other planets, according to Hawking. He admitted that travel in space cannot solve all problems, but anyway can prevent the dying out of the human species. To which planet or planets mankind should resort, he did not mention. 

... Makes you Think ...


Venus  Earth   Mars

... Is it possible, that this did happen before, on Venus? Just look at the above symbols for Venus and Earth, one "dead", the other (still) inhabitable ... What can this symbolism tell us? Does it all have to happen all over again and again? The Senzar message on this Ancient Rock-Carving on the Rila Mountain "El Shadai" (Bulgaria) should teach us better ...

Will the symbol for Venus in time be representing Earth too, overturned?..



Upward Fast